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Upsire – Shadows In The Night (Album)

Chicago-based emcee, Uspire, delivers his first solo work, Shadows In The Night, a conceptual-based project dealing in the sharp realities of life. Backed entirely by top notch instrumentals from the legendary Pete Rock, Uspire takes you on a winding journey through varying levels of pain and misfortune. In the hour of darkness, he provides a source of light in an ambitious attempt to revive souls and restore faith in humanity. While creating a paradigm shift within the mind, he invites the listener to re-examine past experiences and see them from a new perspective.

This project offers social commentary, diverse storytelling, and points of introspection, all while maintaining a complex rhyme style. Guest features include Add-2 and Sohjé, both Chicago natives. Album artwork done by Domi V. Mixed and mastered by Albert Romero.

01. Silver Lining
02. See Tomorrow
03. Little Decisions
04. Gotta Be More
05. Loving The Light
06. Past, Present, Future
07. Souliberate [Interlude]
08. Hood Samaritan
09. Fate
10. One More Angel (feat. Sohjé)
11. Bilocation Theory [Interlude]
12. American Nightmare
13. The System (feat. Add-2)
14. All Things (feat. Sohjé)


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Patrick LaDon – Southern Poetry (Mixtape)

“Southern Poetry” is the latest project from Pine Bluff, Arkansas upcoming spitter Patrick LaDon. The mixtape plays host to minimal collaborations in Jade Denton, and Thowed M, alongside production from the likes of Fiittdz Carter, Matcy P, The Shipmates, and Boundless Beats. Southern Poetry is a soulful experience, with a Houston sound, with influences from the likes Of Z-Ro, Pharoah and Charlie Boy. Despite all the adversity, and trials and tribulations growing up in the South, Patrick LaDon manages to find some catharsis in the form of… “Southern Poetry”

01.) The OG Said (Prod. by The Shipmates)
02.) Chick Magnet (feat. Throwed M) (Prod. by Fiittdz Carter)
03.) By Myself (Prod. by BoundlessBeats)
04.) CPRF (Prod. by Fiittdz Carter)
05.) Interracial Dating (Prod. by Fiittdz Carter)
06.) Born In Tha South (Prod. by Fiittdz Carter)
07.) Money Speak (feat. Jade Denton) (Prod. by The Shipmates)
08.) Drugs & Relationships (Prod. by Fiittdz Carter)
09.) 10 Bandz [Freestyle]
10.) I Hated Myself (Prod. by Matcy P)
11.) 870 (Prod. by Fiittdz Carter)
12.) It’s OK (Prod. by The Shipmates)
13.) Revenge/Revelations (Prod. by The Shipmates)


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Grand Opus (Centric x Joc Scholar) – Forever (Album)

The Westcoast Hip-Hop duo Grand Opus (Centric & Joc Scholar) emerge in the form of the classic producer and emcee lineage, with a nostalgic, yet distinctive sound and style, as they release their debut album titled “Forever,” in concurrence with the third set of visuals from the studio album, for the opening track “Enter The Opus.”

The group is made up of Oakland, CA. producer Centric, who has collaborated with the likes of Kool G Rap, Black Rob, Sean Price, Mistah FAB and Swizz Beatz to name a few, and Joc Scholar, the illuminating emcee from Fresno, CA, who laces the beats with his undeniable style, lyricism and delivery. The pairing connect to create a hard hitting and unique brand of hip hop with “Forever,” which features Fresno heavy hitters Planet Asia, Nas’ Mass Appeal artist Fashawn, and Roc Nation writer/songstress Alicia Renee, who has penned hits for both Rhianna and Adriana Grande.


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Smoove Gang – The Smoovement Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

“The Smoovement Vol. 1” is a compilation album featuring the entire Smoove Gang Entertainment roster showcasing their stories, talents, chemistry and the distinctive style each artist brings to the table. The full roster consists of Wendall Scott, Hector Marciano, Young Mistah, King Poetic, G$, Kaye Von and M.C.H. The rest of the full-length features fellow Boston artists such as OxZilla Tarantino, Tim Nihan, Token, Composition and Paranom, all lending their talents to a full spectrum of King Poetic, Jon Glass [Glasshouse Production] and LightFoot [AR Classics] production. S.M.O.O.V.E. Gang brings a cohesive, unique flavor to the scene, blending the roots of the old school with today’s new school taste for music lovers of all ages.

01.) The Message [Intro]
02.) Feel That (feat. Hector Marciano) (Producer: Jon Glass)
03.) Enjoy The Movie (feat. Wendall Scott) (Producer: King Poetic)
04.) Never Love (feat. Young Mistah & Marciano) (Producer: King Poetic)
05.) Fear No Man (feat. G$) (Producer: King Poetic)
06.) Pardon My Smoove (feat. King Poetic) (Producer: King Poetic)
07.) For Real (feat. Young Mistah) (Producer: Young Mistah)
08.) Wake Up Call (feat. Kaye Von)
09.) Gifted (feat. M.C.H.)
10.) They’ll Never Understand (feat. Young Mistah, Wendall Scott & Hector Marciano) (Producer: LightFoot)
11.) Smoove Till Death (feat. Wendall Scott & G$) (Producer: King Poetic)
12.) Bring It Home (feat. Hector Marciano & King Poetic)
13.) What They Wanna Hear (feat. Wendall Scott, Token, Composition & Paranom) (Producer: Jon Glass)
14.) Bounce (feat. Wendall Scott & Tim Nihan) (Producer: King Poetic)
15.) UDKTH (feat. Hector Marciano, Wendall Scott & Oxzilla Tarantino) (Producer: King Poetic)
16.) Talkin’ Bout Us [Outro] (Producer: King Poetic)


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St. Joe Louis – Cloud Club Over Everything (Album)

NJ/LA trio St. Joe Louis return with a new full-length LP “Cloud Club Over Everything.” For the unacquainted, St. Joe Louis are a group comprised of producer/emcee Elete Wright, and two MC’s Michael Cardigan and Tom Chase. The album features lead single “I Rise” featuring Nemo Achida, the stunning “Step Brothers,” send up “Pony Boy (Stay Golden)” and the anthem “Powdered Gold” anchoring a world of placing your dreams first. “Cloud Club / Everything” has a minimalist production list which includes Dolla (Brick Bandits), Ezrakh and Elete Wright.

01.) Cloud Club (feat. Ezrakh, Jahnia Holterhoff & Bad Pegasus) (Prod. by Elete Wright / Ezrakh)
02.) Kinda Strange (feat. Nameliss) (Prod. by Elete Wright)
03.) Hate Me Better (feat. Nameliss) (Prod. by Dolla)
04.) I Rise (feat. Nemo Achida) (Prod. by Elete Wright)
05.) Party After Party (Prod. by Elete Wright / Ezrakh)
06.) Ink Machine Gun (feat. Peter Hadar) (Prod. by Elete Wright)
07.) Firewalker (Prod. by Elete Wright)
08.) Pony Boy [Stay Golden] (Prod. by Elete Wright)
09.) ADDD (feat. Fresh Daily & Elle Pierre) (Prod. By Elete Wright)
10.) Powdered Gold (feat. Steeve Sam) (Prod. by Dolla)
11.) Black Cotton (feat. Moruf) (Prod. By Elete Wright)
12.) The Fiend (feat. OGM of The Ho99o9 & Elle Pierre) (Prod. By Elete Wright)


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Re-Surch – Popes Pond Legend (Mixtape)

Boston, MA resident Re-Surch’s third full-length “Popes Pond Legend” boldly displays the MC’s lyrical proficiency, that will make you laugh out loud. (“Get ready to laugh and have fun.” – Re-Surch) The project features a diverse spectrum of collaborations such as Wax on the hysterically funny track “Jose Cuervo,” aswell as “Winter’s My Summer” featuring MIMS known for his hit song “This Is Why I’m Hot,” and Gudda Gudda (of “YMCMB”). “Popes Pond Legend” is presented by Re-Surch’s childhood friend Liberty who, along with Re-Surch make up the two founding members of the music/comedy/artistic multimedia group known as “The Trailz.”

The “Popes Pond Legend” compilation by Re-Surch, consists of music deriving from alot of popular hip hop beats that were prevalent in the 90’s and 00’s, this collection of samples/songs has been crafted to display Re-Surch’s distinctive lyrical ability while bringing it back to his roots as a musician and party animal. This project is a pre-cursor for the true heads, in preparation for Re-Surch’s upcoming LP release “Raised In The Ghetto, Went To School In The Burbs” hosted by Sal Governale (of “Howard Stern Show”) due for release sometime in the Fall, 2015.

01.) The One & Only
02.) Can I Live [Remix]
03.) 80’s Baby (feat. Toddy Muffins)
04.) Loser [Remix]
05.) Nigga Nigga (feat. Napoleon Velasquez & Southern Arkansas King)
06.) That’s My Nigga Fo’ Real [Remix]
07.) Showroom (feat. Napoleon Velasquez)
08.) I Think I Fell In Love
09.) Jose Cuervo (feat. Wax, Napoleon Velasquez & Southern Arkansas King) (Prod. by Alegory)
10.) Hustle Hard [Remix]
11.) From Around Tha Way
12.) Damnation
13.) Winter’s My Summer (feat. MIMS & Gudda Gudda) (Prod. by Rix Melody)
14.) Da Art Of Storytellin’ Part 4 [Remix] (feat. Toddy Muffins & ASN)
15.) Car Service [Remix]


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dFresh – Fresh Gordon (EP)

Fresh (excuse the “pun”) on the heels of his recently released LP “Universal Laws Vol.1,” Delaware’s own dFresh releases a surprise concept EP “Fresh Gordon,” inspired by the iconic comic book character and “Savior of the Universe” Flash Gordon. The FREE to stream EP is fully sampled from Queen’s soundtrack, taken from the cult classic 80’s movie. All production on “Fresh Gordon” is skillfully crafted by the Delaware duo The Hit List (Zachary ‘Zak Morris’ Kerstetter and Gregory ‘The Author’ Durrette II) and dFresh.

The “First State” native emcee/producer seamlessly infuses lyrics from some of his real life events with the movie samples, which combines that new brand of Hip-Hop with the vintage sound we’ve been accustomed to in the past …as dFresh incarnates himself as Fresh Gordon/Flash Gordon.

01.) Flash [Intro] (Produced by The Hit List)
02.) Just Landed (Produced by The Hit List)
03.) Regular Man (Produced by The Hit List & dFresh)
04.) Fresh Gordon (Produced by The Hit List)
05.) Outro (Produced by dFresh)


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Maja7th – Get Familiar (Album)

After unveiling his recent promo trailer and single “My Season.” Indianapolis, IN based producer Maja7th finally releases his long overdue compilation album “Get Familiar” the self explanatory title is a veritable collage of his previously released and new material. This 14 track project was crafted by Maja7th to get new and old listeners more acclimated to his discography, his distinctive sound and the man behind the boards. The Indiana beat-smith epitomizes musicality with his background in music theory, along with his proficient ability to play a multitude of instruments, which include the piano, french horn and trumpet. All showcased on this particular project.

“Get Familiar” plays host to alot of artists both established, and up and coming, all of them perfectly complimenting that signature Maja7th sound. The collaborations on this compilation range from the likes of Freddie Gibbs, ADD-2, Pill, Scheme, ILL Brown, Mikkey Halstad, Vic Spencer, L.E.P. Bogus Boys to newer artists such as Neak, Bubby B, Sauce, Griffen, Real Talk and more. Having already previously been featured in powerhouse websites such as DJBooth, 2dopeboyz, FakeShoreDrive, Maja7th hopes to bring his music/production to an even bigger audience this year, so… “GET FAMILIAR!”

01.) On My Own (feat. Freddie Gibbs & Mikkey Halsted)
02.) Bar-Baric (feat. ILL Brown & Waterr)
03.) My Season (feat. Bubby B & Sauce)
04.) Coffin (feat. Starrs & Murph)
05.) Get Ready (feat. Real Talk)
06.) Disappointed Lounge (feat. Sulaiman, Vic Spencer, Simeon & Mathien)
07.) Goddess (feat. Bubby B)
08.) Gold Bahz (feat. Griffen)
09.) Workin (feat. Pill & L.E.P. Bogus Boys)
10.) The Storm (feat. Scheme & ADD-2)
11.) What It Is [Get Familiar] (feat. Mike Schpitz)
12.) All Night Long (feat. Neak)
13.) Highs & Lows (feat. Dave Coresh)
14.) Happyness (feat. Dominique Larue)


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dFresh – Universal Laws: Chapter 1 (Album)

Last December, Delaware native dFresh had set out on journey. A pursuit to put his ideologies based on the Laws of the Universe into one concrete piece of material. In short the Laws of the Universe state that what you put into this world, as far as thinking, is what you will get out of it in return. But to fully fund an EP independently can be expensive, so utilizing kickstarter dFresh had fully raised the necessary funds to create this body of work.

“Universal Laws: Chapter 1” is the first Installment in a 3-tier series, where producer GxWay fully samples Earl Nightingale audio book “The Strangest Secret” from the 1950s. Hoping to take you on a journey of self discovery is the goal dFresh has set out in this 3-tier series. “Strangest Secret” and “Driver” were the two singles released prior, both gaining positive reviews and solid numbers at 96,000 plays cumulatively. Without further ado “Universal Laws: Chapter 1” is here, on the birthday of the man who emancipated the slaves. In honor of that, emancipate your mind.

01.) The Strangest Secret
02.) Retro
03.) Start Even
04.) In History They Said It
05.) Driver
06.) The Lagoon
07.) Vibrations (feat. Damilleo Stacks)


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Keith ‘WildChild’ Middleton – Transitions (Album)

A mainstay of the NY underground Hip Hop scene, rapping and producing for his group HYDRA and his crew The Plague, Keith “WildChild” Middleton is also a lead performer in the cast of Stomp. Keith has traveled the globe, has been featured in commercials for McDonalds, Volkswagon, Toyota, and Honda, has starred in the hit iMAX movie “Pulse: a Stomp Odyssey” and various films and television shows from Sesame Street (with Elmo) to Third Watch (alongside DMX) to The Oscars (twice!). To say he is a versatile performer is an understatement. A true renaissance man, WildChild also teaches body percussion globally and was a comedic choreography consultant for the animated movie “Robots.”

Having been a team player for years, in Stomp, HYDRA and The Plague, Keith is now branching out on his own, releasing his debut album “Transitions” on MCMI Records. An absolute labor of love, that came about after a near fatal car wreck made him realize that “Carpe Diem” would be his mantra, the spoken word/fusion album includes soul, funk, jazz, afro-beat, dance and Hip Hop, all music and tracks composed and produced by Keith himself, with guest appearances by HYDRA and a vast array of accomplished vocalists and musicians.

The title “Transitions” is self-explanatory, as Keith chronicles his transition to manhood, independence and self-fulfillment, including everything from relationships, to addiction, to honor, to the birth of his children. But its not all deep and serious, Keith has something for the playful, the dance crew, the MC, the poet, the lover and the fighter. Release of the physicals will be announced along with the Album Release Party, in the upcoming weeks. Checkout the first single/video off the album, “FeelsGood,” directed by Brandon Polanco (3 of A Kind Productions Here:

01.) B.M.F.
02.) Supreme
03.) That Kiss (feat. Latoya Kennedy)
04.) Brazilian Skies (feat. Camille Armstrong & Nabiyah Bashir)
05.) Share
06.) FeelsGood (feat. Double R)
07.) Here I Go Again (feat. HYDRA & Ace Digital)
08.) Transitions
09.) Supa Stahh (feat. Ryan Pinkston)
10.) Speed of Life
11.) Groan In Sexii (feat. Double R)
12.) Majestic
13.) Ode To The Damsel I Have Distressed (feat. Jonathan Hoard)
14.) Come Closer (feat. Ryan Pinkston & Lauren Molina)
15.) Rain
16.) Carpe Diem
17.) Easy (feat. Nuf Said) [Bonus Track]
18.) Just Listen (feat. Mike Dominico) [Bonus Track]


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