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Grand Opus (Centric x Joc Scholar) – Forever (Album)

The Westcoast Hip-Hop duo Grand Opus (Centric & Joc Scholar) emerge in the form of the classic producer and emcee lineage, with a nostalgic, yet distinctive sound and style, as they release their debut album titled “Forever,” in concurrence with the third set of visuals from the studio album, for the opening track “Enter The Opus.”

The group is made up of Oakland, CA. producer Centric, who has collaborated with the likes of Kool G Rap, Black Rob, Sean Price, Mistah FAB and Swizz Beatz to name a few, and Joc Scholar, the illuminating emcee from Fresno, CA, who laces the beats with his undeniable style, lyricism and delivery. The pairing connect to create a hard hitting and unique brand of hip hop with “Forever,” which features Fresno heavy hitters Planet Asia, Nas’ Mass Appeal artist Fashawn, and Roc Nation writer/songstress Alicia Renee, who has penned hits for both Rhianna and Adriana Grande.


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Grand Opus (Centric & Joc Scholar) – Cen Cal Profile (feat. Planet Asia, Fashawn & Overcome) (Single)

On March 22nd, California’s Grand Opus (Joc Scholar & Centric) are set to drop their debut album “Forever.” In the meantime, the left coast duo, MC, Joc Scholar and producer Centric release the 3rd single from the full-length, titled “Cen Cal Profile” which features Planet Asia, Fashawn and Overcome. If you missed the first 2 singles last year, give them both a watch aswell, “Forever” and “The Key.” With nothing short of pure lyricism, undeniable production, this album will NOT disappoint if you’re a true head, 12 tracks deep, zero skips! Enter The Opus…


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Free Mixtape: DJ Muggs & Planet Asia “Pain Language: The Mixtape”

In preparation for the upcoming album from DJ Muggs & Planet Asia “Pain Language” which hits stores on September 2nd, they have just released an exclusive new mixtape with the same title. A great teaser from two of the illest emcees and producers from the left coast!

Official Tracklisting:
1 – Intro
2 – God & Satan
3 – Shadows Of Hell
4 – Nine Milli
5 – Going In
6 – Like That
7 – Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk
8 – Who Can Fuck With Us?
9 – Spazz Out
10 – Slang Museum
11 – Respect Mine
12 – Southern Dreams
13 – Cops And Coke Sales (Freestyle)
14 – Dunn Dunn
15 – That’s What It Is
16 – Top Shelf

Check out the free mixtape right here, click the link below to download:
DJ Muggs & Planet Asia – Pain Language: The Mixtape

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DJ Muggs Vs Planet Asia New Album “Pain Language” Out September 16th

With Pain Language, platinum producer DJ Muggs and visionary West Coast emcee Planet Asia deliver a dark and pummeling brand of hip hop which breathes energy and excitement into each cut. Through his trailblazing work with the legendary group Cypress Hill, DJ Muggs has made it clear that he sets trends rather than follows them. A trend bucker himself, Planet Asia is a natural fit for a collaboration.

Together, the pair set out to restore the rule-breaking ethos, and the creative energy to hip hop. The duo has made a rebellious, reflective, and unconventional album which is nontheless classic in feel and execution. Simply put, this is brass knuckle rap.

Official Tracklisting:
1. Sleeper Cell
2. Pain Language
3. Smoke
4. 9mm feat. B-Real (of Cypress Hill)
5. That’s What It Is
6. Black Mask Men
7. Lions In The Forest feat. B-Real (of Cypress Hill)
8. Death Frees Every Soul feat. Sick Jacken
9. All Hail The King
10. Black Angels feat. Killah Priest, Cynic, Scratch (of Roots)
11. Drama
12. Language
13. Deadly Blades feat. Prodigal Sunn, Tri State
14. Hashashins feat. Turban, Chace Infinite (of Self-Scientific)
15. Shadows Of Hell
16. Triple Threat feat. Gza (of Wu-Tang Clan), Chace Infinite (of Self-Scientific)

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