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Animal PAK – Animal Planet (Hosted by DJ Evil Dee) (Mixtape)

T.H.E.M. Recordings have unleashed their Animal PAK on the world. “Animal Planet” is hosted/mixed by the legendary DJ Evil Dee (of Black Moon), featuring the godfather Kool G Rap. The supergroup consists of pure animalistic rage and hunger manifested in the form of lyrical feasting, under the leadership of Don Streat. The PAK terrorizes tracks and venues across the nation and overseas, with backdrops provided by an array of international craftsmen, led by Dichter2Productions (Germany), Cool FD, Alterbeats (France), These Handz (Belguim+UK), Hazernomical, Cayoz The Beast, Vanderslice (USA) and more.

“Animal PAK” consists of 10 powerful solo artists that span from California to Maine, and Baltimore to New York. The kennel of lycans include Dready Kruger, Don Streat, Unreal, Mic Handz, Cayoz The Beast, Senica Da Misfit, Macabeats, Jigsaw, O*Zee and Dichter2Productions. I pray the world is ready… and I beg of you… “DONT FEED THE ANIMALS!”


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LiKWUiD – Likwuidity: In Depth (EP)

New York (by way of South Carolina) based emcee, Likwuid, delivers potent lyrics over Nu Jazz riffs, Lo-Fi synths and hard Hip-Hop beats (provided entirely by the 2 Hungry Bros), with her latest EP offering “Likwuidity: In Depth” utilizing clever wordplay and metaphors to visit topics such as self-love, socio-economic struggles, day to day life experiences, hanging with friends, growing up in a single parent household, and female empowerment. This extended play features appearances by DJ Evil Dee(of Black Moon), Dylan Dili and Meredith Hansen. “Likwuidity: In Depth” 9 track EP is available now FREE via, and for purchase via Bandcamp and iTunes.

01.) Herstory [Intro] (Cuts by DJ Evil Dee)
02.) Circle of Life
03.) Sip Slow (feat. Meredith Hansen)
04.) Monster’s Ball
05.) Iron Cobra
06.) Crowns
07.) #BTL [‘Bout That Life]
08.) Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts
09.) de sangre [Bonus] (feat. Dylan Dili)


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Centri – Headless Nobody (Album)

NYC-based Hip-Hop artist Centri is an anomaly and in many ways could be considered a model for the modern day renaissance rapper. After a career in the United States military, Centri returned home (Central Islip, Long Island) to an unfamiliar world, with a new mission: to create a career based around his true passion, music.

Centri’s newest work ‘Headless Nobody’ is his most ambitious, hunger-filled album to date, it captures the angst of today’s artists at a vital point where cultivated talent finally meets deserved recognition. It spoils the listener by orchestrating a sound that true hip hop connoisseurs has been waiting to hear but couldn’t put their finger on what it was suppose to sound like. His style is grimacing, honest and laced with a sound reminiscent of the golden era of Hip-Hop.

Packed with resolute, innovative lyrics and gut wrenching beats, the album features appearances by underground NYC hip-hop artists Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Akir, Blaq Poet, Awkword, HipHop_Mike, and his group The Lenzmen, paired with production from Akir, Willie Green, Dynamics Plus, Dig Dug, Nickle Plated, P.R.O., and others.

01.) Tony Robbins (Produced by Pitus)
02.) M.O.M.M. (feat. Sha Stimuli, Akir & Dokta Strange) (Produced by P.R.O.)
03.) Powder Keg (Produced by Dig Dug)
04.) A&R (Produced by NEOREV)
05.) Boric Acid [Interlude] (Cuts by Fred Ones)
06.) Boric Acid (Produced by Dynamics Plus)
07.) r2s (Produced by 5th Sense)
08.) That’s Why I Rap Like This (feat. Supastar Straps & Blaq Poet) (Produced by Nickle Plated)
09.) We Write Killas (feat. Dokta Strange & Earthadox)
10.) RhymeGlue (feat. Skyzoo) (Produced by Dynamics Plus)
11.) Gutter Slums (Produced by Akir)
12.) Let Me Live (feat. Shea Doll) (Produced by Willie Green)
13.) Rot The Body (Produced by Dynamics Plus)
14.) Becoming (Produced by Dynamics Plus)
15.) Chronicles (feat. Awkword & HipHop_Mike) (Produced by Dynamics Plus)


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Nametag – The Tag Alexander EP (Listen)

Nametag got involved in Detroit’s hip-hop history early, and in a big way, his first placement was on Slum Village compilation ‘Dirty District Vol. 1.’ From there, he continued to body other appearances on Motor City classics such as ‘Dirty District Vol. 1 & 2’ and Black Milk ‘Popular Demand.’ But while contributing to others’ projects, he continued to build his own footing with a collection of critically acclaimed mixtapes, EPs and full length albums such as ‘The Name Is Tag’ and ‘For Namesake.’ He has earned the respect of indie rap heavyweights and publications such as XXL, 2DopeBoyz, Detroit Free Press and more.

His latest project ‘The Tag Alexander EP’ initially sparked from what was temporarily a name change from ‘Nametag to Tag Alexander’ at the time early in 2014. This time around, the project is very limited on artist features with only Ty Farris appearing on ‘The Muscle’ but is layered with production that gives it a very cohesive sound. Its lead single ‘Reward’ produced by A. Will Traxx is the proper representation for how Nametag has grown throughout his solo career.

01.) eNTRO (Produced by DJ DDT)
02.) Break The Rules (Produced by Black Bethoven)
03.) The Muscle (feat. Ty Farris) (Produced by Chef K Dot)
04.) You Are (Produced by JR Swiftz & Soop)
05.) Play To Win (Produced by Black Bethoven)
06.) Reward (Produced by A. Will Traxx)


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Elion The Great – The Trailer (Mixtape)

Back with his most accomplished release to date, NC denizen, Elion The Great delivers his latest project (and sixth to date) titled ‘The Trailer’ via his imprint Lion’s Den Music. Elion’s creativity and definitive love of Soulful, Jazzy inspired Hip-Hop definitely takes front and center this time around. Known for his use of ear-pleasing lyrics over head nodding beats, production credits on ‘The Trailer’include Apocalypse, Blaze! and UK producer, JL Beatz. As the artwork boasts, the content may not be suitable for those with a lack of musical taste. ‘The Trailer’ is available now via Hip-Hop’s premier hosting source Audio Mack.

01.) The Trailer [Intro] (Produced by Elion The Great)
02.) Achilles Heel (Produced by JL Beatz)
03.) Breathe (Produced by Apocalypse)
04.) Just an Interlude (Produced by JL Beatz)
05.) Dammit Man (feat. C-Neil) (Produced by JL Beatz)
06.) Class of 1 (Produced by Blaze!)
07.) Cake (Produced by Apocalyse)
08.) Coming Along (Produced by JL Beatz)
09.) Dozen Roses (Produced by JL Beatz)
10.) Problems (feat. Baker) (Produced by Apocalypse)
11.) Meditation (Produced by JL Beatz)
12.) Pesos (Produced by JL Beatz)
13.) Y U Working Here (Produced by Apocalypse)
14.) Off White Dress [‘White Dress’ Freestyle]
15.) Pulp Fiction [‘Too Deep For The Intro’ Freestyle]
16.) Red Cup Flow [‘First Generation Rich’ Freestyle]
17.) The Sweetest Thing [‘ImpressKnowSoul’ Freestyle]
18.) Not Yet [‘Time’ Freestyle]
19.) Phone Number (Produced by Apocalypse) [Bonus Track]
20.) Draft Day [Freestyle] [Hidden Track]


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JUDAH & Dub MD – The Lupita Nyong’o Instrumentals (Album)

A muse was needed by JUDAH to create the sequel to his globally acclaimed “Amber Rose Instrumentals,” and who better than the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o. The visionary producer links up with UK’s Dub MD for a second time to deliver this sonic art exhibition. “The Lupita Instrumentals” was inspired by the transcendent beauty and class of Lupita Nyong’o, who is known for her Academy Award® winning performance in “12 Years a Slave.”

JUDAH, whose highly-demanded presence has painted sonic sound-scapes for noted names like Wale, Clipse, Ras Kass, Stat Quo, GLC and others. JUDAH took a similar approach with the sonics and samples for the ‘Lupita Instrumentals’ that he did with the ‘Amber Rose Instrumentals’ but added touches of additional elements to represent the uniqueness of Lupita. Really, who would pass on the chance of making a great body of work with Lupita Nyong’o?

01.) Amber Rose Will Be A Hard Act To Follow [Intro]
02.) Approaching Lupita
03.) This Is All For You
04.) Unformat The Format
05.) The SUN
06.) If You Believe
07.) She First Class Now
08.) There’s Still A Way
09.) Advance Copy Reminder [Interlude]
10.) That Heart Racing Kinda Love
11.) You Didn’t Leave In Vain [Amy Winehouse Tribute]
12.) If It Wasn’t For The Creative
13.) Listening To Bobby Merlett With Lupita
14.) Her Touch After The Show
15.) That Heart Breaking Kinda Love
16.) Patience Is A Virtue, Lupita
17.) I WON!!! [Outro]
18.) That Oscars Swag


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Mic Lungz x JUDAH – Bully Beatdown (Album)

Born in Washington D.C., Mic Lungz is a Hip-Hop artist who learned early about pain, struggle and sacrifice. Growing up during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, music had a big influence on his life. During his late teens he along with 4 of his childhood friends formed a rap group called Rugged Soulz. Performing at neighborhood parties/open mics, was where he realized there was nothing else he wanted to do with his life but be an MC. The group eventually diminished to only two members, and he learned/mastered the art of song structure and recording. Always staying on his grind, Mic Lungz returns with his latest offering, ‘Bully Beatdown.’

‘Bully Beatdown’ plays host to hard hitting aggressive drum kicks and heavy MMA references sets the tone for this UFC themed album. Produced entirely by D.C. mainstay JUDAH, the duo are reviving that one MC, one producer combination. The album also supports features from Tone Trump, Tabi Bonney, K-Beta and Visto to round out the diversity from track to track.

01.) 2nd 2 None
02.) Bar 4 Bar
03.) Real Hip Hop (feat. Tone Trump)
04.) Beat Up The Beat
05.) Passion Fruit
06.) Take It Back (feat. K-Beta & RA)
07.) Years In The Making (feat. Tabi Bonney & Visto)
08.) Adrenaline Rush
09.) What Would You Do (feat. Shydi)
10.) Dedication


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Maja7th & Dominique Larue – GRAND (Album)

After over a year of working this project aptly titled ‘GRAND,’ Anderson, IN born and raised producer Maja 7th and Columbus, OH’s own Dominique Larue as a newly formed duo, have put together an 8 track extended play of cohesive rhymes and production. Maja 7th is the epitome of musicality with his background in music theory, aswell as being highly skilled on piano, french horn and trumpet. This one producer, one emcee project brings you some of Dominique Larue’s most personal lyrics to date with songs like’Freedom’ and ‘Feels Good,’ the album also showcases her fun side and highlights her underrated storytelling ability.

‘GRAND’ has minimal collaborations with only Columbus based artist features, in Valure, Micah Robinson and Kim Joyce, which first and foremost allows Dominique Larue to convey her own brand of raw emotion on each song alot more freely than some of her previous offerings, over this well crafted, distinctive Maja 7th soundscape.

01.) Attucks
02.) Freedom (feat. Micah Robinson)
03.) So VIVID
04.) Feels Good (feat. Valure)
06.) Seems Like Heaven
07.) Just Becuz
08.) Paint The Town (feat. Kim Joyce) [Album Version]
09.) Get The Money [Bonus Track]


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The Dice Academy x The Lost Tapes – The Uprising (Mixtape)

‘The Uprising’ is a beastly compilation project brought to you by The Dice Academy and The Lost Tapes, which brings that raw adrenaline fueled hardcore hip-hop sound you’ve been missing back to the forefront. Over a soundbed of knocking tracks, ‘The Uprising’ unites the emcees of tomorrow with some of the cultures established veterans. Amongst others ‘The Uprising’ includes new and previously unreleased music by Hell Razah, MF Grimm, SiLent Knight, MidaZ The Beast, Da Beatminerz, Rasheed Chappell, Paranom & Purpose and more, with introduction to MD’s Tokyo Cigar, MA’s Tony Moreaux and Manti Carlo.

01.) Silent Knight – This Is It [Remix] (Produced by Varan)
02.) Heavenly Cartel (Hell Razah & Tokyo Cigar) – Book of 7 Fists [Remix]
03.) Tony Moreaux – Numbers On The Board [Freestyle]
04.) DJ Duke & Spicco – Operation Condor (Produced by DJ Duke)
05.) Paranom & Purpose – Godiva (Produced By Purpose)
06.) Soundsci – Entrapment (Produced by Ollie Teeba) [of The Process]
07.) Tokyo Cigar & The Militia – Thin Rope (Produced By The Militia)
08.) ASN – Everybody Got It (Produced by Da Beatminerz)
09.) The Iceberg Theory – ARC [Interlude] (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
10.) Keb0 – Downfall (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
11.) Manti Carlo – Half of The Pie (Produced by M-Credible)
12.) Tony Moreaux – 3 AM in Lynne [Freestyle]
13.) Blue Legacy – Sushi (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
14.) Blue Legacy – Benjamins [Freestyle] (feat. Iceberg Theory, Tokyo Cigar, Tony Moreaux, Frozenberg & Manti Carlo)
15.) Tribe of Judah – The Spill (Produced by Black Jeruz)
16.) Rasheed Chappell – Connect Thoughts [Remix] (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
17.) Prince Original – Freestyle (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
18.) MidaZ The Beast – F.N.U. (Produced By Tough Junkie)
19.) Tony Moreaux – Incarcerated Scarfaces [Freestyle]
20.) MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental – Time (Produced by Drasar Monumental)
21.) 7 G.E.M.S. (Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi) & Roc Marciano – Presume The Unpredictable (Produced by Purpose)
22.) ASN – Calling Out [and the list goes on…] (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)


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Dub MD & Drama Class (Mr. Live x Earl Blaize) – Conflicted EP

‘Conflicted EP’ is the latest offering from Brooklyn NY’s Drama Class (Mr.Live x Earl Blaize) (of Anti-Pop Consortium), the 8 track project dives straight into the topics from ‘Artistry vs Fast Food Music’, to ‘Quality over Mediocrity’ and ‘Love over Money.’ Standing on a platform based on feeling, Drama Class delivers a solid, well produced, well rounded project that challenges every listener to examine the question “What is more important to self, love or social acceptance”.

This Dub MD presented EP features exemplary instrumentals by Earl Blaize, Dotmatic, Jahlil Beats, 14KT, Madlib / Drumma Boy, Oddisee and T. Dragonette. Drama Class music upholds the tradition of the genre, with a sound and feel that never compromises their craft for conformity.

01.) Flipped + Un’ed You (Produced by Dotmatic)
02.) Conflicted (Beat by Jahlil Beats / Earl Blaize)
03.) Trash! (Beat by 14KT)
04) M.A.D. (Beat by Madlib / Outro by Drumma Boy)
05.) DJ B-Boy Break (Interlude) (Produced + Cuts by Earl Blaize)
06.) Carmen Hayes (Produced by Earl Blaize)
07.) I Still Love Her (feat. Ghagged) (Beat by Oddisee)
08.) United Drama (feat. Ghagged and Wire) (Produced by T. Dragonette)


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