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Sick Jacken & Muggs Connect With Necro To Form New Group “PCP”

There is a new album in the works from Death Rapper Necro & La Coka Nostra / Psycho Realm affiliate Sick Jacken featuring production from DJ Muggs in the works. According to the Sexorcist himself, “We allready recorded 3 songs so far, 1 song is completely done, and is a fucking banger!!! that’s the level, the bar that we are setting for this project. At this point, Muggs is doing all the beats. If I have it my way, he will do the entire album”.

Necro explains the concept; “The idea behind PCP came when me and Jacken kept talking about working together on tour, when we did Canada together” he added, “Psycho+Logical- connects with Psycho Realm, it just seemed catchy cuz we both rock psycho in our names and that’s where “PCP” came from, and Jacken was feeling the concept. The C in PCP stands for Cypress, so it was meant to be” No word yet on a release date.

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New Exclusive: Raekwon Download “Nerco” (feat. Ghostface Killah)

Here’s a brand new exclusive cut from the new Raekwon album. The track is called Necro featuring fellow clan member Ghostface Killah!

Check out the new track “Necro”, click the link below to download:
Raekwon – Necro (feat. Ghostface Killah)

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