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Che Grand New Album “Everything’s Good Ugly” In Stores August 18th

Che Grand will be releasing his solo debut album, Everything’s Good Ugly on August 18th. The new album features appearances from Colin Munroe, Illmind, Tanya Morgan, and many more.

Official Tracklisting:
01. Bless’d ft. Jacob Soul – prod. by Big Neeze
02. Gift Wrap – prod. by Brian Brizzo
03. Swing – prod. by Brian Brizzo
04. Walking Under Ladders ft. Elucid & Spec Boogie – prod. by Illmind
05. Gold Chains Part Deux – prod. by PB
06. Too Much Too Soon ft. Colin Munroe – prod. by Colin Munroe
07. City On Fire – prod. by Big Neeze & PB
08. R E S T A R T (Original) – prod. by PB)
09. Celebrate We – prod. by Wale Oyejide)
10. People Bowling ft Tanya Morgan – prod. by Brian Brizzo
11. Crash – prod by Von Pea of Tanya Morgan
12. Girls Talk feat DbM – prod. by Aeon
13. I Know You Still Want Me – prod. by Aeon
14. Life’s Grand ft. N.icky (of Heavy) – prod. by Aeon
15. Large Hadron Collider – prod. by Suhburb
16. Chateau Gold – prod. by Brian Brizzo
17. Soraya’s Jam ft. Benny Sings – prod. by Benny Sings
18. Across The Sky – prod. by Suhburb

Check out the album sampler here, click the link below to download:
Che Grand – Everythings Good Ugly (Album Sampler)

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