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Fresh Daily New Album “Gorgeous Killer In Crimes of Passion” In Stores August 18th

Fresh Daily’s debut album, “The Gorgeous Killer in Crimes of Passion” will hit stores August 8th featuring production by Illmind, Oh No, 88 Keys, Skibeatz, DJ Spinna, Frequency, along with several noted guest appearances including Cool Calm Pete, Tanya Morgan, Homeboy Sandman and more.

Official Tracklisting:
1) Wildlife -prod. by !llmind
2) Break a Leg- prod. by Oh No
3) Me First- feat. Tanya Morgan -prod. by Analogic
4) SupaSpectacular! – prod. by The 2 Hungry Bros.
5) Bullet-Tooth Tony feat. Cool Calm Pete – prod. by Donnan Linkz
6) Video Gamin’ -prod. by Frequency
7) Starter Pistol feat. Homeboy Sandman -prod. by Dj Spinna
8) Two in The Shirt – prod. by Exile
9) Untucked Nunchucks – prod. by Skibeatz
10) Trust feat. P.SO -prod. by 88-Keys
11) Gutterman -prod. by Prism
12) Love Breakdown -prod. by Analogic
13) Crimes of Passion -prod. by !llmind

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