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Cunninlynguists New Album “Strange Journey Vol. 1” Out June 30th

There has never been an anomaly in hip-hop quite like the southern trio CunninLynguists. Sampling genres from psychrock to blues, New Romantic to polka, they have been musically compared to UGK and Atmosphere in the same breath. They have toured and shared stages with Kanye West and Aesop Rock to equal success. They have produced for Lil’ Scrappy as well as KRS-One.

They have crafted songs with international soul superstar Cee-Lo Green and politically charged indie-favorite Immortal Technique…on the same album. CunninLynguists have eschewed categories, boxes and labels for 6 years, 3 albums and 2 official mixtapes, all while having what XXL Magazine described as the “Most Hated Name In Rap”.

Official Tracklisting:
1. Cunninlynguists – ‘Departure (Intro)’
2. Cunninlynguists feat. Looptroop Rockers, Hilltop Hoods – ‘Nothing But Strangeness’
3. Cunninlynguists – ‘Lynguistics (Live In Stockholm)’
4. Cunninlynguists – ‘Move’
5. Inverse feat. Substantial – ‘Spark My Soul’
6. Cunninlynguists – ‘Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)’
7. Cunninlynguists feat. PackFM & Club Dub – ‘Hypnotized’
8. Cunninlynguists – ‘Dance For Me (Remix)’
9. Mr. SOS – ‘Die For You’
10. Cunninlynguists – ‘White Guy Mind Tricks (Interlude)’
11. Cunninlynguists feat. Killer Mike & Khujo Goodie – ‘Georgia (Remix)’
12. Cunninlynguists feat. Skinny DeVille & Fishscales of Nappy Roots, Young Chu, Sheisty Khrist – ‘KKKY (Remix)’
13. Cunninlynguists feat. Slug (of Atmosphere) – ‘Don’t Leave (When Winter Comes)’
14. Tonedeff – ‘The Distance’
15. Cunninlynguists feat. Mac Lethal – ‘Broken Van (Thinking Of You)’
16. Cunninlynguists – ‘Billy Joe’s Garage (Outro)’

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