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Free Mixtape: Hezekiah Download “Cure For The Common Soul”

New mixtape from Hezekiah, free download featuring ill tracks and remixes with Bilal, Zap Mama, Cody ChesnuTT, Conya Doss, Dave Ghetto, KRS One, Common, Kanye, Nas and Jay-Z below. Turntable duty is handled by our own Mr. Sonny James, so you know it contains actual mixing!

Official Tracklisting:
01. Intro
02. Ways To Go
03. Ignorant (Hezekiah RMX)
04. Keep Drivin
05. Yelling Away (RMX)
06. As I’ve Ever Been
07. I Predict A Riot
08. Lookin’ Up (Ted Kenny RMX)
09. Power
10. Shoplifter (RMX)
11. Conscious Porn Interlude
12. Everything (Demo Version)
13. Cornered
14. Dance With Me
15. Classic (Hezekiah RMX)
16. What Kina Cool
17. Heartbreaker (Hezekiah RMX)
18. In The Wind
19. Gotta Love It
20. When G I Joe Met Barbie
21. Runnin
22. Outro

Check out the new mixtape here, click the link below to download:
Hezekiah Presents Cure For The Common Soul

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