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Grandmaster Caz & DJ Parker Lee Set To Release New Album “Mid-Life Crisis”

In an age where young and old are re-evaluating musical declarations of violence or disrespect toward women, this album is a breath of fresh air….a return to the past with a rhythm and pulse of today. The album has been 15 years in the making. The album represents 15 years in the lives of two icons of Hip Hop old school , Grandmaster Caz, (former Captain of the Cold Crush Brothers) and Parker Lee (DJ P Lee Fresh or P Lee the Loop Lord). Grandmaster Caz was an innovator at the very beginnings of Hip Hop…one of the Bronx fore fathers of rap…one of those precious few who gave Hip Hop life.

Parker Lee, a decade younger, grew up on New York’s lower east side, worshipping at the alter of old school Hip Hop. When he relocated to Chicago in 1983 at the age of 15, he had an overriding goal of bringing the New York Hip Hop feel to the Chicago scene…and that’s what he did!! These two Hip Hop forces finally came together in 1993 and the rest is Hip Hop history. Grandmaster Caz and Parker Lee have been musical collaborators over the past 15 years …and this album is the brilliant culmination of their combined Hip Hop talent, a creation embellished by the contributions of their Hip Hop friends. The new album “Mid-Life Crisis” hits shelves on August 12th via Jazzchild Records, pick up a copy and support a Hip Hop legend!

Official Tracklisting:
1. Be Gone (Produced By: Earl Boom Dap; DJ Parker Lee)
2. Dont Mess Wit Me feat. Kyle (Produced By: Earl Boom Dap; DJ Parker Lee)
3. Lioneere (Produced By: Earl Boom Dap; DJ Parker Lee)
4. 4-Bar Funk (BTF Dance Remix) (Produced By: Earl Boom Dap; DJ Parker Lee)
5. Swing Hi Swing Lo feat. The Cold Crush Brothers, Freddie Fox (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
6. Slide feat. Mele Mel, Whipper Whip (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
7. A Good Man Is Gone (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
8. Boss Of All Bosses (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
9. MC Delight feat. Sammydavis (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
10. Set It Off 99 feat. Dice, Dunn (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
11. Back To Da Scene Of Da Ryme (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
12. Hate Da Game (Un Cut Mix) (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
13. A Man Dont Really Luv Ya If He Hits Ya feat. Jaz-Flo (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
14. Not Tonight feat. Raheim, Reggie Reg (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
15. Too Much (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
16. 4bar Funk (P-Lee Da Loop Lord Mix) (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
17. Hot Summer Night Feat. Cold Crush Brothers (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
18. Party Time (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
19. Out Come feat. Jazzy Jeff (of TheFunky 4) (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)
20. Da Grandmasta 007 Style feat. Jaz-Flo (Produced By: DJ Parker Lee)

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