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DJ Premier Set To Drop Instrumental CD “Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 1”

Over the years, I have been approached by so many fans to put out an instrumental album. This particular project is a series titled “BEATS THAT COLLECTED DUST Vol. 1” for a reason. Since I do intend on doing instrumental LP’s for the true heads, I did not want to confuse my so-called “Lost Tapes” beats with new ones. So I split ’em up. This (“B.T.C.D.”) series consists of beats that were either for artists and were never used, or were just not adequate enough for me to ever release them with MC’s spittin’ over them. These are truly as we all know not my best work, but I had no plans of releasing them anyway. Then I thought, why not put them out “As Is” and let them be shared to the world.

Most of them are just rough demos from the 1999-2003 period, and when I started goin thru all of my old disks to listen to what I never used, I put them in a folder and my label manager, BIGGEST GORD, co-signed the idea to let em fly. I will be releasing new original tracks as well under a different title, but I have a bunch of old joints that will never see the light of day unless they are released through this series. Get ready for Vol. 2. Be on the lookout for my other original series of instrumentals called DJ PREMIER presents: “HEAD NODDERS”. All original bangers, and of course, I will always release it on vinyl. Much respect to the real DJ’s…One….DJ Premier. The new beat CD reaches stores near you on July 22nd via Premos record label Year Round Records.

Official Tracklisting:
1. Spin Line (Produced By: DJ Premier)
2. Singlike Bilal (Produced By: DJ Premier)
3. Blowhorn Joint (Produced By: DJ Premier)
4. Pee Ah-Oh (Produced By: DJ Premier)
5. Mysterious (Produced By: DJ Premier)
6. DaDaa (Produced By: DJ Premier)
7. Pink (Produced By: DJ Premier)
8. B-Line (Produced By: DJ Premier)
9. Trackhorn (Produced By: DJ Premier)
10. Waaaaaa (Produced By: DJ Premier)
11. Droop (Produced By: DJ Premier)
12. Original Represent (Produced By: DJ Premier)

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  1. word.

    Comment by jon jon | July 12, 2008 | Reply

  2. The first and third beat sound decent. But the second to last beat, Droop, is INSANE. I’d love to see someone just rip that to shreds.

    Comment by SirBiatch | August 11, 2008 | Reply

  3. this album is pretty cool
    i would like to listen all the unreleased joints
    must be real crazy, funky and harcore or even .. real jazzy.

    Comment by Rocha leandro | August 25, 2008 | Reply



    Lil Wayne feat The Guru – I am Hip Hop

    Comment by FOLDED GREENS | August 25, 2008 | Reply

  5. wats gud world its ya boy rayshawn aka pain iam a rapper with highlow,ent/operahouse records we comin soon just get at me on

    Comment by rayshawn | September 29, 2008 | Reply

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