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“Ave.To” Group (Oddisee, Unknown & Kolai) New Album “Three Way Intersection”

Three Way Intersection is itself a collection of studies on intersections. The chopped sample tones and keyboard work on “Sand To The Beach” tease the listener to discern which is which, at least until the bass and beat interplay simply compel you to groove. On “Gallery Place” the drums sound like a jazzman locked into a hip-hop pocket while the horn and keys evoke Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul. “Natural” turns drum ‘n’ bass into meditation. “Abuja” suggests broken beat flirting with afrobeat. To generate a truly multi-hued sonic palette, producers Oddisee and Unknown and reed specialist Kolai were able to draw from a prolific community of musicians in Washington, DC.

A city that is too often stereotyped solely as a destination for political ladder climbers, Washington has it’s own cultural and artistic intersections that brought Ave.To’s collaborators together. It’s a city with northern sophistication and southern soul. It has the creative energy of New York but a smaller scale that doesn’t smother the spirit. It’s a place with a strong local history that also absorbs migrants from every continent. Oddisee filters a Sudanese heritage through the lens of hip-hop and the ethos of go-go. Kolai, the African raised Frenchman, can draw from classical traditions as well as conjure up Eastern textures from his flute. Unknown’s mastery of dissecting breaks further grounds the trio in rhythm and b-boy tradition. Ave.To is indeed world music. The new album hits shelves 15th July via Asahra Music.

Official Tracklisting:
1. Mama’s Koolaid (Produced By: Ave.To)
2. Sand To The Beach (Produced By: Ave.To)
3. Mass Transit (Produced By: Ave.To)
4. Cuba Libre (Produced By: Ave.To)
5. Gallery Place (Produced By: Ave.To)
6. Natural (Produced By: Ave.To)
7. Cuz of U (Produced By: Ave.To)
8. Glow Nights (Produced By: Ave.To)
9. Abuja (Produced By: Ave.To)
10. Future Funk (Produced By: Ave.To)
11. Loin de Toi (Produced By: Ave.To)
12. Stank (Produced By: Ave.To)
13. Xess (Produced By: Ave.To)
14. Unmandyax (Produced By: Ave.To)
15. As The World Turns (Produced By: Ave.To)

Check out this new track off the album, click the link below to download:
Ave. To – Mama’s Koolaid (Produced By Avenue To)

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