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Free Mixtape: HipHopDX & Wordsmith Presents “The Mid-Year Review”

HipHopDX has just released Wordsmith’s new mixtape “The Mid-Year Review” for FREE DOWNLOAD. It is 12 tracks of original material that recaps his best tracks released over the first 6 months of the year, hence the title of the mixtape. There are also new exclusive tracks and remixes to keep your heading nodding for over an hour and some change. DJ Denox is mixing and blending the project to give it the true feel of an old school mixtape.

It features production from Nu Revolution Camp producers Professa, Strada, Street Level & Capish with outside production from DeMo & DJ Denox. Nu Revolution Camp MC’s Kontact, Black Knight, & D-Dub appear on the mixtape with outside features from with SoL tha Analyst, Deedaman & Rhymezwell. Your free download will also include a 10% off coupon from Wordsmith’s clothing Sponsor, Vintage Clothing Limited to purchase merchandise.

Official Tracklisting:
01. The Soulless Saint (Produced by Strada)
02. Grudge of a Madman Remix (Produced by Capish & Wodzu)
03. Danger Zone Feat. Black Knight (Produced by Professa)
04. Quest for My Existence (Produced by Professa)
05. The Missing Element (Produced by DJ Denox)
06. Dreamin’ of Superstardom (Produced by Capish)
07. Scrapbook Vol. 1: The MC Years (Produced by DeMo)
08. Word’s Signing Day Freestyle feat. Kontact & Black Knight
09. Above Average Status feat. RhymeZwell & Black Knight
10. The FunkBox Remix feat. Kontact & SoL, Black Knight & RhymeZwell (Produced by Capish)
11. Park & Ride (Produced by Strada)
12. A Psychedelic Side to Love feat. SoL tha Analyst (Produced by Street Level)
13. Diaries of Deception feat. D-Dub, Deedaman & Black Knight (Produced by Strada)

Check out the new mixtape, click the link below to download:
HipHopDX & Wordsmith Presents “The Mid-Year Review” (Mixed By DJ Denox)

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