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Rapper Big Pooh & Young RJ Join Forces To Release “The Recipe”

Lauded in their respective sects of the music industry, producer Young RJ and lyricist Big Pooh join forces to produce a project unlike any that’s ever been heard before. Working with industry pioneer Scrap Dirty of Violator Managements Allstar DJs and manager for the Grammy nominated Young RJ, the RJ/Pooh duo will inevitably be a classic. Young RJ, who cites legendary J Dilla and his father as the music producers who’ve had the most influence on him, can be distinguished as a producer among producers because of his versatility. From pop, to rock, to R&B, and of course hip-hop.

Big Pooh, whose career began in college as a member of the North Carolina-based group Little Brother, echoes RJ’s hopeful, expectant sentiments about their upcoming project. The two artists, who hale from two musically different regions of the country (one from the Midwest, the other from the South), knew of each other’s work before Scrap Dirty brought them together and initiated a partnership between the two. Because of their passion for all things musical, Big Pooh and Young RJ will forge together their backgrounds, individualized styles and approaches to music making to create an album that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the hip-hop culture.

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