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Show & A.G. Experience Project “Live Hard” In Stores March 11th

Esteemed Diggin’ In The Crates (D.I.T.C.) members Show & A.G (Andre the Giant) first gained notoriety in the early-to-mid ‘90s with two critically-acclaimed albums, Runaway Slave and Goodfellas. Fast forward to 2008, Show & A.G. have been busy individually, but are back together after a 10 year hiatus on Live Hard. The album is directed at both the new generation of Rap fans too young to have done the “Soul Clap” and also to those who are already familiar with the boom bap legacy of Show & A.G.
The duo continues their reign as supreme rap gods with minimal guest appearances.

Fellow D.I.T.C. Rap General O.C. makes an appearance on “Land of the Free” and every track is produced by Show except for “Magic” which is produced by E-Blaze. DJ Premier also lends his patented cuts and scratches on “Business As Usual.” When it comes to representing D.I.T.C. to the fullest, Show & A.G. have always been worthy representatives and unwavering in their quest to bring back truth and realness to the rap game. Their latest offering is an admirable addition to the team’s catalogue, with thoughtful lyrics and laid-back joints for fans to enjoy.

Official Tracklisting:
1. Business As Usual (feat. DJ Premier)
2. Can’t Relate
3. The World Is Listening
4. Running Man
5. Land Of The Free (feat. O.C.)
6. Live Hard
7. Magic
8. Business As Usual (Instrumental)
9. Can’t Relate (Instrumental)
10. The World Is Listening (Instrumental)
11. Land Of The Free (Instrumental)
12. Live Hard (Instrumental)

Pre-order the new album, its available at Access Hip Hop, click the link below to order online:
Showbiz & A.G. – Live Hard (Pre-Order)

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