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"Underground Hip-Hop Blog" Exclusive Q&A Interview Session w/ SiLent Knight this week got the chance to hook up with Brooklyn native and Rawkus 50 artist SiLent Knight for a quick question and answer session. Silent Knight is on the verge of releasing his new project “Restoration: One Step Back, Two Steps Forward” which is due out at the end of the month. He sits down to speak on what he thinks of Hip Hop today, his new project and what producers and artists he’s hooking up with, make sure you check out the new track called “The Gathering” produced by Oddisee at the end of the interview.

Dub MD: SiLent Knight, What’s good?
SiLent Knight: Just maintaining man, tryna stay sane.

Dub MD: For those who don’t know, could you just give a short review of what you’ve experienced in your rap career up until now?
SiLent Knight: Well I was part of a group called Unstoppable Unity, I then started doing the solo thing and released my first mix cd “Fall Of Ignorance” in 05, I put out a cd called “Simplexity” with my boy Cy Marshall Law as well as a mix cd called “Bar Food” in 06, and my debut album “Hunger Strike” dropped in the beginning of 07. Plus a bunch of mixtape, compilation, and guest appearances. That’s what you meant by that question right? If you wanna talk about experiences, I can’t give you a short answer on that one. (laughs)

Dub MD: Coming from Brooklyn, what do you think of the New York music scene right now?
SiLent Knight: I actually like the New York scene for the most part. I mean there’s definitely aspects I don’t like, but I try to keep a positive outlook on things. There are dope cats in the mainstream, on the mixtape scene, and in the “underground”, who are all doing their thing. In all genres. That goes for the New Jersey scene as well.

Dub MD: What do you think of the commercialisation of Hip Hop right now, do you think its showing respect to its pioneers?
SiLent Knight: This question can be taken a lot of ways and sometimes people jump on the hip-hop bandwagon and get things twisted. Like for instance; thinking anyone who gets some airplay or major recognition is a sell-out. Or for that matter thinking rappers weren’t talking about money, jewellery, and sex back in the day. It was just as much about getting ass and getting cash as it was about speaking truth and teaching youth. But anyway to actually answer your question (laughs) I do think that the structure of the business and the redundant video and song spins(among other things) is not showing respect to our pioneers whatsoever.

I love the fact that hip-hop is all over the place, and more and more people are embracing it. But with that, comes more and more people exploiting it. On a good note, there are a lot of young cats doing there thing right now, and I know for a fact that most of the pioneers are proud. There’s always gonna be wack artists and talented artists but I hope either one keeps his/her integrity.

Dub MD: Do you have a new project in the works? what’s it called? and what can heads out there expect from it?
SiLent Knight: I have a new project about to drop titled “Restoration: One step back, Two steps forward. It’s essentially a remix cd. Some real dope producers remixed certain songs from Hunger Strike, Fall Of Ignorance, as well as rare and unreleased songs. Plus there’s some brand new verses and hooks! I’m really happy with it, and I think it stands on its own as a record even though its primarily old lyrics.

Dub MD: With this project, what artists & producers are you connecting with this time round?
SiLent Knight: I worked with a bunch of different producers for this joint. Of course my peoples KON and Analogic, who’ve been on pretty much every project thus far. Then I also started working with some crazy talented dudes like DJ Vadim, M-Phazes, and E Jones. Plus some producers I noticed during my “This Is It” remix contest, including Blastah Beats, FortyI, D-slaps, and much more! As far as artists the only features are a couple from past songs that were remixed, and also a singer named M. Josephine who kills it! (Look out for her)

“I love the fact that hip-hop is all over the place, and more and more people are embracing it. But with that, comes more and more people exploiting it”

Dub MD: How as an emcee do you think you’ve changed from your debut “Fall Of Ignorance” up until now?
SiLent Knight: First of all, let me address this. “Fall Of Ignorance” was a mix CD. “Hunger Strike” is my debut album, this is not directed at Dub MD whatsoever but more so to those people out there who get the facts twisted and then try to talk shit, and act like they’re informed, get your shit straight! Ok moving on (laughs) F.O.I. was released in 2005, and I had been working on it for a year or 2. So naturally there’s some changes and progression on my part since then. I don’t think its anything drastic but I like to think my delivery is more polished and I’m able to convey my thoughts a little better.

Dub MD: What’s your label situation like just now?
SiLent Knight: I’m currently unsigned kinda. I’m signed to Rawkus for a digital deal, as a member of the Rawkus 50. They released “Hunger Strike v.2” on iTunes,, emusic, etc. Elementality Productions, which is my managers company, released “Hunger Strike”. Restoration will be released digitally as well through a label. So that means I’m currently looking for outlets for my future projects! Holla Burton

Dub MD: What do you think is your most defining and unique characteristic that sets you apart from every other emcee out there?
SiLent Knight: My ability to relate to a very wide range of listeners. A white American grandmother to a kid hustling on the block and a lot in between. Besides that my voice, and my live show.

Dub MD: If you could describe yourself as an emcee in 4 words, What would they be?
SiLent Knight: There are no current words in the English language to describe me (laughs) nah I’m playing. Not trying get all ‘Kanye West’ on ya’ll! um, That’s honestly real difficult for me. Let me try Honest, Witty, Thought-Provoking, Relatable/Accessible & Energetic. That’s 4 trust me!

Dub MD: For your fans who haven’t seen you perform yet, are you planning a worldwide tour anytime soon?
SiLent Knight: Most definitely. However, I don’t know exactly how soon just yet, but I am working on it!

Dub MD: What is on tap for SiLent Knight for the rest of 2008 and beyond?
SiLent Knight: Early 08 Restoration, DJ KO presents “Perception Is Everything” EP, after that a brand new SiLent Knight EP and DJ KO presents Picture This (LP). Get ready! There’s a lot more too stay tuned.

Dub MD: Do you have anything to say to the fans? anything you wanna get off your chest? any shout outs?
SiLent Knight: To all my supporters Thank you for everything. I love ya’ll! I appreciate everyone’s support, whether its been 24 years one day, or anywhere in between. I pretty much get everything off my chest in my music and interviews. Shout out to Dub MD first of all, shout to my cipher, to my Elementality fam, K.O.N. Productions fam, Red Army, Rawkus 50 and just anybody making good quality honest music, or anyone enjoying and supporting it. Peace and much respect.

Check out this new track called “The Gathering” produced by Oddisee, Right click & save as to download:
SiLent Knight – The Gathering (feat. Rashid Hadee, Emilio Rojas, Kaze & Oddisee) Knight – The Gathering feat. Rashid Hadee Emilio Rojas Kaze Oddisee.mp3

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