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Free Download: Rhymefest Official Mixtape “Man In The Mirror”

The wait is over Rhymefest’s Michael Jackson inspired mixtape “Man In the Mirror” is finally available for download. The project is presented by Mark Ronson and features known tracks, unreleased and obscure Micheal Jackson songs dug out from the archives, remixed by some of Hip-Hop’s best producers: Mark Ronson, Emile, 9th Wonder & Best Kept Secret.

Also watch out for Rhymefest’s new album “El Che”hitting stores sometime next year!

Official Tracklisting:
1. The Cipher (Rhymefest & Michael Jackson)
2. Can’t Make It (Rhymefest)
3. “Thriller” Skit
4. Get Up (Rhymefest ft Wale)
5. Dancin’ Machine (The Jackson 5 ft Rhymefest)
6. Flip It Skit
7. Never Can Say Goodbye (Rhymefest ft Talib Kweli)
8. Mike The Mentor (Rhymefest ft Michael Jackson)
9. No Sunshine (Rhymefest)
10. Caught Up Skit
11. Foolin’ Around (Rhymefest ft Dres)
12. Set The Mood
13. Breakadawn (Rhymefest ft Daniel Merriweather & alpha.)
14. Windbreaker Skit
15. Higher Intro
16. Higher (Rhymefest)
17. Mark vs. Mike
18. All That I’ve Got (Rhymefest ft Ghostface Killah & Mary J. Blige)
19. Maybe Tomorrow (Michael Jackson)
20. Sunshine Skit
21. Coolie High (Camp Lo ft Rhymefest)
22. Family Reunion (ft Tito, Randy, Mike & Rhymefest)
23. Much Love Skit
24. Man In The Mirror (Rhymefest ft Michael Jackson)

New mixtape from Rhymefest, just click the link below to download:
Mark Ronson Presents Rhymefest – Man In The Mirror

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  1. Micheal Jackson Mixtape “Icon” dropping aug. 29th!!! Presented my MFN’tertainment and Kaz B The Hustle King!! Brilliant Production, Riveting Lyrics!! What better way to celebrate “The King’s” birthday??? Aug 29th! Get your copy by emailing Just say you want one!!!

    Comment by Kaz B The Hustle King | August 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. Like the rest of the world, me & my production team, MF’N, was shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden passing of one of music’s most legendary icons so we immediately went to work on channeling our emotions over the tragedy.

    We decided to create a retrospective collection of Jackson’s hits for our friends and family. Then we decided to go one step further and chose not to remix, but to re-imagine some of MJ’s hits with our own flare.

    Our project, “Michael Jackson: The Reconception” includes 10 Michael Jackson classics, reworked by us, MF’N. The record boasts sample guest appearances from Ludacris, Akon, and more.
    And because of our incredible love for Michael & our desire to help continue his legacy, we’re offering the CD for free, and we’re encouraging you (if at all interested) bloggers to post the DL links for free download.

    From “Walking on the Moon,” to walking in the Heavens, Michael Jackson may be gone, but he is never forgotten. Remember. Relive. “Michael Jackson: The Reconception.”

    Kagomi H.
    MF’N – We’re The Producers

    Comment by Kagomi H. | September 6, 2009 | Reply

  3. hey! does someone know where i can find the lyrics of Man In The Mirror (Rhymefest ft Michael Jackson), this one please???
    write back to, many thanks

    Comment by juan | September 9, 2009 | Reply

  4. You guys all like Rymefest too?

    Comment by Glutamine | February 29, 2012 | Reply

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