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"Underground Hip-Hop Blog" Exclusive Q&A Interview Session w/ Jozeemo this week got the chance to hook up with Hall of Justus member Jozeemo aka Joe Murda for another quick question and answer session. The North Carolina native has got a brand new album in stores right now called “Cry Now, LAF Later”. He sits down with Rap Talk to speak on his new project, what producers and artists he hooked up with for the album and his plans for the future. Make sure you check out the new track called “Lose It” featuring Little Brother from the new album at the end of the interview.

Dub MD: Jozeemo, What’s good?
Jozeemo: I’m chilling man, trying to stay focused.

Dub MD: For those who don’t know, could you just give a short review of what you’ve experienced in your rap career up until now?
Jozeemo: Well, I started out on the Friday night street mix on K97.5 in Raleigh. I was a battle rapper. I had the longest winning streak ever (13 weeks), and they ended up having to retire me. I guess the right people in the underground scene heard me. I ain’t looked back since.

Dub MD: Coming from East Durham, what do you think of the North Carolina music scene right now?
Jozeemo: The NC music is on the rise, my label mates Little Brother have an album out right now called the “Get Back”, I’m on that thang! Lil Wayne is too, we got a lot of underground artists grinding it out too, we are about to be heard and we are doing it as a team.

Dub MD: A lot of people are saying “Hip Hop Is Dead” lately, how do you feel about the current state of hip hop?
Jozeemo: Hip Hop will never die! It just goes through phases, every style of rap music gets a chance to shine sooner or later.

Dub MD: Do you have a new project in the works? what’s it called? and what can heads out there expect from it?
Jozeemo: I got a real crazy album in stores right now. It’s called “Cry Now, L.A.F. Later” this is just a sample of what Jozeemo is gonna bring to the table.

Dub MD: With this project, what artists & producers are you connecting with this time round?
Jozeemo: I have some of NC’s finest featured on the album, 9th Wonder, Little Brother, The Neck Breakers, Khrysis, Jo Scudda, O. Sin, Black Jeruz, Ill Phil. The album is good, I got a Don Cannon joint on there featuring Blockhuggerz Entertainment artist, J-Tek. It’s crazy!

“The NC music is on the rise, my label mates Little Brother have an album out right now called the “Get Back”, We got a lot of underground artists grinding it out too, we are about to be heard and we are doing it as a team”

Dub MD: What’s your label situation like just now?
Jozeemo: Currently, I’m signed to The Hall Of Justus. It’s an Indie Label, but we have a great rap ore.

Dub MD: What do you think is your most defining and unique characteristic that sets you apart from every other emcee out there?
Jozeemo: I don’t know man, I’m just a real dude, I tell it like it is and most of my fans are actually people I deal with on the regular. That’s why I have a whole city behind me.

Dub MD: If you could describe yourself as an emcee in 4 words, What would they be?
Jozeemo: Four words huh? How bout a phrase. ” That Nigga Is Dope!”

Dub MD: For your fans who haven’t seen you perform yet, are you planning a worldwide tour anytime soon?
Jozeemo: Maybe not world wide just yet. My PO ain’t going for that shit but nation wide, yeah. Check for me maybe spring, summer of next year. Coming soon to a city near you.

Dub MD: What is on tap for Jozeemo for the rest of 2007 and beyond?
Jozeemo: The rest of 2007 is devoted to my kids man. I got a CD in stores. I just need to give thanks and enjoy my family for now. But next year, I’m back on my grind.

Dub MD: Do you have anything to say to the fans? anything you wanna get off your chest? any shout outs?
Jozeemo: Shout out to 21st Records and be on the look out for East Durham. We got something to say!

Check out this new track from the new album called “Lose It”, Right click & save as to download:
Jozeemo – Lose It (feat. Little Brother) – Lose It feat. Little Brother.mp3

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