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iCON The Mic King To Lead Hip Hop’s “Third Renaissance”

iCON The Mic King believes he will lead the “Third Renaissance” of hip hop. What does that entail? Recently, iCON spoke out that the Third Renaissance would combine the lyrical based movement of the past with “actually making good music. Especially in the underground, there are a lot of dudes that can rap very well, but they don’t make good music. So what’s going to happen is a lot of people are going to start figuring out what is trash music, there’s a lot of trash music in the commercial world. There’s a lot of trash in the underground.”

He credits his first time working with DJ Chum as his first real testament to the renaissance. “He has a lot of influences, he doesn’t just listen to hip-hop, but he does listen to all hip-hop. He has classical training as a regular musician as well. He has a better world view than most.” iCON’s newest release “Rent Money Music II: C-Notes For The Car Note” has quite a few collaborations, one of which is with Jus Allah from Jedi Mind Tricks. But don’t worry, iCON reassures us that “There’s also plenty of solo material.” The album is in stores now. You can get a copy of the CD at

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  1. Yo I got a new release that I’d love for you to review and post on your blog. Get at me if you’re interested.



    Comment by iCON the Mic King | February 13, 2008 | Reply

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