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Wise Intelligent Un-Mixtape “Blessed Be The Poor” Official Cover & Tracklisting

Intelligent Muzik proudly presents “Blessed Be The Poor,” a reflective album from critically acclaimed artist and activist Wise Intelligent of the legendary Poor Righteous Teachers. Originally this album began as what Wise Intelligent affectionately titled the “Un-Mixed Tape,” an album not slated for an official release. However, after releasing the “Un-Mixed Tape” locally the demand for “Blessed Be The Poor” grew exponentially, forcing INTELLIGENT MUZIK to offer “Blessed Be The Poor” the “un-mixed tape” as an official full length album, digitally re-mastered, re-packaged complete with new images of Wise Intelligent in stores on November 27th!!

While on this album Wise stays true to the Poor Righteous Teachers fan-base and his Divine Land housing project constituents, he has (reminiscent of The New World Order by PRT) managed to work in an international theme as he navigates through issues affecting Martin Luther King Blvd in Trenton New Jersey, masterfully revealing there relationship to local and world politics. This work in itself demonstrates why Wise Intelligent is one of, if not the, most relevant MC of our day!

Official Tracklisting:
01. The Wickedest Thing
02. The Prince Of Power
03. Mr. Rocket Launcher
04. The Death Penalty (Interlude)
05. The Globe Holderz
06. UndaFire
07. Revolution Iz (Interlude)
08. Bam Bam
09. What The Guyz Do
10. Love Means 4 Ever
11. Niggaz Izà(Interlude)
12. Keep Getting Betta
13. Israelite
14. I Can’t Afford To Love Her
15. Somebody Told A Lie
16. Rock The Vote
17. Eye Wish
18. Weapons Of Mass Distraction

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