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"Underground Hip-Hop Blog" Exclusive Q&A Interview Session w/ Edgar Allen Floe this week caught up with Justus League member Edgar Allen Floe for an exclusive question and answer session. Edgar Allen Floe has just released a re-mixture album online of his last project entitled “Floe Almighty”, he sits down with Rap Talk to talk about his latest project, his thoughts on Hip Hop music today and what he’s got planned for the rest of 07 / 08. Make sure you check out the new track from his new album called “Skyward” produced by 9th Wonder at the end of the interview.

Dub MD: Edgar Allen Floe, What’s good?
Edgar Allen Floe: I’m cool man, been really busy promoting my new project. It’s getting some good feedback so far. I just had a new baby girl, so I’m enjoying her presence but the music keeps going. 

Dub MD: For those who don’t know, could you just give a short review of what you’ve experienced in your rap career up until now?
Edgar Allen Floe: I’m from North Carolina, and am a member of The Justus League, which many cats have heard of fellow members such as 9th Wonder, Little Brother, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Median.  I’ve been doing my thing, seriously, since around 2000 and have started building a buzz since then. My most recognized song is a joint called “The Righteous Way To Go”. It’s over 6 years old, but many consider it a timeless classic. I’ve dropped a few releases so far, and I’m trying to continue to build my rep.

Dub MD: Coming from Raleigh, what do you think of the North Carolina music scene right now?
Edgar Allen Floe: The NC music scene has fallen off actually within the last couple of years. There’s still many shows and events that go on.  But when the Justus League was coming up about 7 years ago, the scene was live. Established artists from NC were still doing their thing, and newcomers were starting to gain a buzz, including us. Now, things have quieted down a little. Hopefully, the next batch of NC artists will keep grinding so they can get their shine, and bring some energy back to the area. 

Dub MD: A lot of people are saying “Hip Hop Is Dead” lately, how do you feel about the current state of hip hop?
Edgar Allen Floe: There’s still an incredible level of lyricism going on now from every region. Most of them are under the radar though, so you have to really do some digging to find the next level tracks. But in this digital / internet / google age, if you know he name of the artist, you can do a quick google search, and find out where the music is available. It’s not like back in the days when you heard a dope joint, and if the store in your area didn’t carry it, you were out of luck. You can cop anything from anywhere now. You just have to be willing to search for it.

On top of that, it’s good to see a variety of different styles out there. Even if some say that a certain artist is wack, he’s still dope to somebody! It’s all about demographics, there’s something for everybody in rap today, no matter your age, and if you think about it, it’s always been that way. But at the same time, the game still needs a little more of a balance. It will take cats like myself to help bring that balance, and I feel I’m playing my part.

Dub MD: Do you have a new project in the works? what’s it called? and what can heads out there expect from it?
Edgar Allen Floe: The new project is called “Floe Almighty: The Remixture”. It’s an exclusive remix project to my original “Floe Almighty” release from 2006. It has brand new production, as well as new lyrics on a handful of the songs. It will be available on November 13th, but it’s available online right now in some spots like,, and on itunes soon.

“There’s something for everybody in rap today, no matter your age, it’s always been that way. But at the same time, the game still needs a little more of a balance. It will take cats like myself to help bring that balance”

Dub MD: With this project, what artists & producers are you connecting with this time round?
Edgar Allen Floe: I have my fellow comrades 9th Wonder and Khrysis from the Justus League, this cat named Blunt from Vancouver, Canada (who has some serious heat, by the way), my homie Marty Boyer from Word 3rd Productions, who did a dope remix to “The Righteous Way to Go”. I conceptualised all of the remixes and did all of the mixing and engineering. I think it came out really dope. The reviews so far have been positive, so I’m happy about that.

Dub MD: What’s your label situation like just now?
Edgar Allen Floe: Last year, I was with a small indie label, but the business side of things were not meshing well with my vision, so I moved on. I started my own label called MCEO Records, and all of my future projects will be released by my label. Some well respected distributors will be moving the CDs worldwide, so it’s up to me to let people know the music is available. So far, so good.

Dub MD: What do you think is your most defining and unique characteristic that sets you apart from every other emcee out there?
Edgar Allen Floe: I’m not afraid to do me. Simple and plain. I’ve gotten some criticism in the past because of how I did my thing, but I keep it original at fresh at all times. For so many people to want to hear a different breed of MC well, here i am! (laughs) Not being conceited or anything, but I take pride in dropping jewels, and speaking on topics that can touch your soul. That’s truly the essence of this hip hop thing, to me. I just can’t do tracks that feel empty or forced. I’ve got to be happy with it before anyone else hears it. So, I’m definitely a brotha that keeps it real, in it’s purest form. 

Dub MD: If you could describe yourself as an emcee in 4 words, What would they be?
Edgar Allen Floe: Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding & Truth. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Dub MD: For your fans who haven’t seen you perform yet, are you planning a worldwide tour anytime soon?
Edgar Allen Floe: Yes. Once The Remixture starts circulating, I’ll be dropping my debut album at the top of next year. Then the touring will hopefully be in full force. I definitely want to get on stage and rock in any place that’s checking for me. So be on the lookout for much more Edgar Allen Floe in 2008. 

Dub MD: What is on tap for Edgar Allen Floe for the rest of 2007 and beyond?
Edgar Allen Floe: I’ll continue to push my new project, then start the campaign for spreading the word on the official album. For those that don’t know, my official debut album is called “The Streetwise LP”. 16 tracks, with producers 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Blunt, myself, and a few newcomers. I think I have something up there that everyone will feel. We’re looking at a late January 2008 release date on that. Then in the Spring, my crew, called “The Undefined”, will release a project called “Plan U”. I’ll then drop a digital only album around that same time.

I have a lot more projects in the works, which I have full control over when I can and will drop material.  No other labels are in the way, so there won’t be many delays in 2008.  I’m on a serious grind, and I know hard work pays off, so it’s nothing but good things next year for me.  Stay tuned. 

Dub MD: Do you have anything to say to the fans? anything you wanna get off your chest? any shout outs?
Edgar Allen Floe: As I always say, I love all of my fans and supporters. They are the ones that keep me motivated to keep doing what I do. It’s not easy to do your own thing, and keep it real with yourself.  The fans let me know I’m doing something right, so I gotta keep it going. Peace to my crew that keep the Justus League name out there. I’m glad I have peers around me that are extremely talented, as well as down to earth and real.  Be sure to check me out at and cop my new project “Floe Almighty: The Re-Mixture. Thanks for the support.  Respect due.

Check out this new track from his album called “Skyward”, Right click & save as to download:
Edgar Allen Floe – Skyward (Constant Elevation Remix) (Produced By 9th Wonder) Allen Floe – Skyward Constant Elevation Remix.mp3

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